Building Roslyn Analyzers for Fun and Profit

Talks Sep 05, 2016

Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH) is back with yet another full-day event on cutting edge Microsoft Technologies! Hyderabad DotNetConf 2016 was held on 27th August 2016 and it has covered the latest tech presentations on ASP.NET Core, Windows 10 Anniversary update and Dev APIs, Deploying ASP.Net Core Apps on Docker, Building Roslyn Analyzers, Xamarin Forms and Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

I have presented on Building Roslyn Analyzers for Fun and Profit. Below are the slides. The session was primarily demo-driven and the slides only give a brief intro. Strongly recommend to go through the references to do a deep-dive into Roslyn.

And yours truly below :)

As usual, I had the challenge of taking the post-lunch session and glad that I had attentive audience :)

Here are the speakers of the event:

Glad that the effort spent by organizing team and the speakers got the returns. i.e., happy and satisfied audience :)

And finally,